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Part 5


Colby is terrified when he sees the new torture device sitting on a strange chair in front of him. The device is like a narrow perch — with a steel ball on a pole sticking out of it. He immediately knows he is going to be forced to impale himself on that that steel ball – and it’s huge! He’s forced to straddle the chair’s wide seat, stretching his asshole right over the ball. Then his tormentor pushes down on his shoulders, forcing him to sink onto the cold steel. He screams as the thing penetrates him, but he can take it! His boy hole is still sore from having the massive rubber dildo inserted into it for hours, but it’s also stretched and receptive. Rope man Matt then ties him tightly to the chair back, making it impossible for him to stand up and remove the steel from his ass. Matt then pulls up his ankles, roping them to the chair, putting all his weight on his ass. He is now literally suspended by his asshole on the chair, impaled and helpless. Matt then wraps his cock and balls with tight twine. God it hurts!


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