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Part 7


Dirk remains roped against a bench roped to the cage, his cock and balls roped and stretched-out in front of him by a 30-pound dumbbell, his lean, well-defined chest and abs covered with deep lash wounds, moaning and gasping, his muscles aching from hours of rope bondage. Still, rope man J.J. is not satisfied. He continues to lash Dirk, harder and harder, not just on his torso but on his cock. Then J.J. pulls the dumbbell out even further and roughly rubs Dirk’s fresh whip wounds before lashing him even more. Dirk is literally shaking in agony. Then J.J. pulls Dirk’s cock and balls upward and ropes them to his neck, leaving the boy in that terribly uncomfortable position for hours. But Dirk’s ordeal is not over. When J.J. returns, he flips the naked fuck boy around and ropes him to the bench and cage face-first – and lashes his back with the single-tail!


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