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Part 4


Coach Jared is getting down to business with his teen player Leo. “Tighten up, boy!” Jared says, slapping the kid’s lean abs. “I want to please you, sir!” Leo says. “I want to take pain for you. I want to build my muscles for you.” Coach Jared shows him how to do pushups – and orders him to eat his ass while he does so. Then he does the same to Leo, making him flex and do pushups while his coach licks his butthole and slaps his abs. Leo does everything Coach Jared asks – including covering his pecs with clothespins but looks terrified, trying desperately to please and not make a mistake. “Count’em out!” Jared yells, slapping his slave. “Louder!” Soon Leo is eating ass and playing with the pins on his pecs without having to be told, telling his coach how good he tastes, still terrified that his coach/master’s mood will change.


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