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Part 6


Coach Jared is showing his boy how to lean into the pain of sexual slavery and enjoy it. Ten pounds of steel – weights, padlocks, hand-cuffs – stretch his scrotum, making his balls bulge. “You are so impressive, coach” Leo says, looking on in awe – and fear. Coach and player workout together and Leo obediently licks the older man’s balls and sucks his cock when told to. Coach Jared then inspects his boy’s asshole and shaves his armpits, then orders him to bend over for a good fucking. Leo, a virgin, has no problem taking one, then two, then three fingers. The moaning starts when a fat dildo goes in all the way. The kid’s ass is so tight, the dildo remains lodged in even when he stands up to worship his coach’s muscles while fucking him with an even larger dildo. This coach is a catcher as well as a pitcher.


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