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Part 3


Michael is strapped in taut plastic wrap to the wooden bondage bench at the neck, waist, wrists and shins. He is face up, hooded, and knows his master lurks. Rope man J.J. moves in to caress, then whip, his beautifully stretched body with the black leather single-tail. After a couple intense cracks of the whip, reddening Michael’s sensitive, creamy skin, J.J. removes the hood, showing the pretty boy’s face, followed swiftly by more intense lashes. Soon enough J.J. pulls out and works what we have all been waiting for: Michael’s amazing cock! After getting him nice and hard, and after a few more smacks with the single-tail, J.J. gets artistic as he adds pins to the poor boy’s nipples and cock. As if it couldn’t get worse, J.J. also adds a large spring-loaded clip to the tip of Michael’s cock, and an even more painful spring-loaded clamp right on the ball sack! Squirm, Michael. Squirm.


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