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Part 3


Nineteen-year-old Russell stands before a simple, wooden stool, his strong, manly body ready for his next ordeal. First, his left leg, then his right leg, are duct-taped to the stool – at the ankle and the top of the calf. Then he is bent over and his wrists and upper-arms are secured to the stool with loop after loop of duct-tape, his ass now high up in the air, exposed and vulnerable. Russell struggles and strains against his bonds, but the reinforced tape won’t give, even as he succeeds in breaking apart the stool. What a beautiful site, all that young manhood straining and flexing, his body folded over, his tight waist, broad shoulders, narrow hips, firm ass, and muscular arms and legs showcased to perfection. Using all his strength, he almost breaks free but finally gives up, a broken boy.


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