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If you have a problem that you cannot resolve, send an e-mail to

Please make sure to include your username and password. If you have a question about your membership or billing, also include your transaction number or the email address you used when joining, so we can look you up. You must provide your username and password for us to offer assistance.

Note on emailing us: We reply to all emails within 24 hours, usually sooner. If you haven’t seen a reply after emailing us twice — we might miss the occasional email, so sending it a second time is advisable — please check your Junk or Spam folder; our replies are likely going there. You can also add the email address in your “to” line to your address book, which should keep our replies in your inbox.


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    How to solve the problem:
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      “I forgot my username or password” below for quick and easy instructions on how to retrieve your correct username and password.
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I forgot my user name or password.

To retrieve your user name or password, click here to reach CCBill customer service.

I’m being asked to re-login over and over.

Please make sure you have “enabled cookies” on your PC or mobile device, using preferences for your browser or device. In Chrome, for example, click “Chrome” in the browser menu (upper left of your screen), then click “Show advanced settings,” then click the “Content settings” button under “Privacy,” then select “Allow local data to be set” under “Cookies.” To learn how to enable cookies on other browsers or devices, Google search for “How to enable cookies on [your device or browser name] and you’ll be given similar instructions.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, click here to reach CCBill customer service..

How do I change my credit card information?

To change your credit card information, click here to reach CCBill customer service..


Watch Now

This feature allows you to directly stream video without having to download it. It will automatically play the Tablet-sized video. To watch now in Full HD click the HD symbol on the bottom right when your player opens.

We have found that that the Watch Now feature works best with the Chrome browser, which will immediately stream the video as it downloads. Safari and Internet Explore do the same, but sometimes not as smoothly. Firefox is slower, since it will wait to download the entire video before playing it.

Downloading Video

Simply click on the size and quality of video you want and it will download to your computer. You can then play the file as many times as you want locally. Our videos come in three sizes:

  • Mobile: 960 x 540 pixels
  • Tablet: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Full HD: 1920 x 1080 pixels

If you cannot find the video once you have downloaded it, try searching for the model’s name on your hard drive, since the files are named by model. Most browsers will download the file to your desktop or a folder called Downloads on your hard drive.

Note on older videos: To download older videos (those that do not have the three-framed graphic under DOWNLOADS), you may need to right-click the link for the video you wish to download and select “save file as” or “download linked file” or similar option.

Mobile Devices

We recommend using the Watch Now feature with mobile devices.

Many mobile devices do not allow you to download movies directly to them. If that is the case with your device, simply click on the Watch Now feature. Or download to your computer and transfer to your mobile device for later viewing.

Note, some browser plugins can interfere with the functionality of our site. If you are experiencing issues watching videos or downloading videos on a mobile device, try factory reseting your browser and then making certain that it has been updated to the most current version.

Media Players

We present our videos as QuickTime MP4 files which are encoded using H.264/ACC, the best compression technology available, to provide incredible video and audio quality. These files will play using most media players. For best result we recommend the latest version of QuickTime Player, which is available as a free download for both Apple and Windows machines. If you are having trouble playing videos, click the link in the previous sentence and download the latest version of QuickTime, free.

Trouble playing video

If you are having trouble playing a video you have downloaded, it may have gotten corrupted during download, which can happen on its own or if you attempt to play the video file before it has completely downloaded. Drag the file into your trash and then empty the trash, to remove all traces of corruption and to prevent your player from attempting to open the file again. It is important to empty the trash after dragging in corrupted files. Then re-download the file and wait until it is completely downloaded before clicking it.


This website has been tested for all major web browsers on Windows and Mac machines and they all work. For best results, we recommend Chrome, especially if you like using the Watch Now function. Chrome will immediately stream the video as it downloads. Safari and Internet Explorer do the same, but sometimes not as smoothly. Firefox is slower, since it will wait to download the entire video before playing.


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