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Part 8


Wyatt stands naked in Jared’s den, on two saw horses, his hands cuffed behind his back and chained to a steel collar around his throat and a steel ring around his cock and balls. His cock is rock hard, parallel to the floor, noosed with rope at its base. “Are you going to please me today?” his master, Jared, asks. “Yes, sir!” Wyatt replies, wagging his hard cock up-and-down as if to reinforce the promise. Jared sucks that hard dick, sending Wyatt into moans of pleasure, before dangling a heavy steel ball from the noose. Wyatt wants to please his master so much he swings the weight from his balls, even as Jared adds more weight. “Oh, fuck!” Wyatt moans. “Oh that feels so fucking good, sir,” he adds, as his master sucks his cock, adds even more weight, then whips him.


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