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Part 9


Master Jared makes his shorty slave-boy count out the lashes he receives as he flogs him. Completely naked and shaved smooth, Wyatt stands on two saw horses in the middle of his master’s den, his dick kept hard by his master’s mouth despite having ten pounds hanging from its base. Wyatt’s dick is so rock-hard, Jared hangs his flogger from it. “Count’em out! You’re in training, boy!” Jared barks as Wyatt struggles to spit out the words “Eleven, sir; twelve, sir,” as his master whips his abs, then his hard cock. Jared orders Wyatt to remain totally silent for the last three blows. The boy goes into a trance, still hard, as his master whips his flesh and yanks on his cock. Then Jared forces his slave into a painful kneeling position by attaching a 30-pound dumbbell to his balls. Slave Wyatt is totally turned on and in massive pain at the same time, all the while his balls throbbing harder and legs tiring faster, eventually locked in a full squat, unable to stand, the sweat dripping down his face and fresh whip wounds. This is a hot as it gets!


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